It Comes From Within

Welcome to our new website. It is a concept album created by Bill Goldie, Steve Hutchinson, Al Reynolds and Sam Taylor. It was recorded at Labyrinth Sound just outside of Owen Sound Ontario. If you like Ozzy and Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd , you are sure to like this album as it has that 70's heavy metal sound (Classic Rock)with modern day writing about current events, mental health and the overall human experience. We would like to thank DavidWLove for his beautiful image called

Saints Rest Beach

We think it is pretty cool and you have to admit he must have been up pretty early to get this shot.

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Lead Guitarist

In the eighties Bill placed an ad in the local Georgetown paper for a singer. Bill ended up meeting his lifelong friend and at the time song writing partner. Hans and Bill played in the band “Labyrinth” and together they played the Ontario bar circuit. Back in the day labyrinth cut a 45! Yes a 45! Labyrinth had some local Toronto success winning a spot on the Q107 home grown album with the song “Nights So Cold”.

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Sam Taylor is a dynamic drummer who has toured extensively for the past 30 years, performing with some of Canada's finest talents and biggest names. We are glad to have him on board as he brings a wealth of experience and talent.

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Al Became interested in playing an instrument after seeing The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show and seeing “A Hard Day's Night”. Bought a used Burns Jazz Bass in 1965 and started learning songs from the radio and records.


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Lead Vocalist

Born in Midland Ontario, Singer Songwriter Steve Hutchinson was first exposed to country music as his father played guitar and mother would sing along. Steve started his guitar playing at a young age but gravitated towards heavy metal. It wasn't until he joined his first band that they realized that he could sing. The band already had a full time guitar player and so he became the lead singer and front man.

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