Steve Hutchinson BIO

Steve Hutchinson

Lead Vocalist
Born in Midland Ontario, Singer Songwriter Steve Hutchinson was first exposed to country music as his father played guitar and mother would sing along. Steve started his guitar playing at a young age but gravitated towards heavy metal. It wasn't until he joined his first band that they realized that he could sing. The band already had a full time guitar player and so he became the lead singer and front man.

Steve was also becoming a good writer and started writing songs for the bands and wrote several plays during his high school days.

Finally Steve found the urge to join another band and he became the lead guitarist and lead singer for a band called Midnite Ryder. Playing regularly with the band Steve also started playing on Patio's with his acoustic guitar. It was at that time that he put an ad on kijiji looking for other musicians that would be willing to play original music. Hence he met Bill Goldie and the two embarked on a journey to help each other reach the long time goal of having their music on a CD. Together with Steve's background of computers and using social media and Bills Labyrinth Sound Studio to record the originals they are about to release their first CD