DockSide Willy

A funny summertime song about a local Rodent (Wiarton Willie) who meets some city folk and takes them on a tour of the area. He makes stops at Colpoys Bay and Sauble Beach and the famous Dockside Willies in Wiarton. Listen on Spotify today

No rodents were harmed in the making of this song. Once again thanks to DavidWLove for the album cover


We’re at Dock side willy’s and we want to play, well we drove all night and drove all day

We parked the car at Coploys bay, we layed on the beach and we drank all day.

We saw a little rodent and decided to stay. Said the weather is fine so come on let’s play

So we gathered our thoughts and we were on our way to Sauble Beach, so get out of our way


Well were lying in the sun having lots of fun, and we all got a drink in our hands

Along come the fuzz, and their killing the buzz, and willie is  under the sand

After their gone, Willie decides to come up with a beer in his hands

Said he was keeping it cool well he’s no fool, Willie always has an escape plan

Were at Dockside willy 2x


Now were at the show and we’re ready to go, Willies warming up inside

If you’re in the know, Willie is old, and he can’t hold a note to save his life

But the tickets are sold and we’re rockin the show, everyones losing their mind.

Well it’s Rock n Roll, and we got to go, willie has run out of time. Yeah