Road to Summer (Georgian Bay)

Composed and Produced by Bill Goldie

Lyrics by Steve Hutchinson

Recorded at Labyrinth Sound

I was born and I was raised near a place called Georgian Bay

All my friends want to play I cant wait to get back to this place


I just want to go Home………..Road to Summer

Back where I belong.



On the beach, Patio, get your groove on and come on let’s go

All your friends are on their phones its quitting time lets hit the road

Now I’m driving real slow traffic is stopped about to overload

I wish I had another way to fly us all the way to Georgian Bay





Now I’m stuck on 401, its getting hotter sitting in the sun

All my friends are here to stay their getting antsy so get out of our way

Crank the cold crank up the tunes here we go about to make my move

Turning on the back road now we’re cruising down the country road


I just want to go home

Back where I belong