World War 3

Written and Composed by Steve Hutchinson

Produced by Bill Goldie

Recorded at Labyrinth Sound

Special thanks to David Hart on the keys


I watched the news the other day

It seems we’ve gone astray

They follow up and say it will be ok

As there sticking in the blade



I’m living with the enemy

It’s never going to be the Same

Getting up inside of me

This place is going to makes us insane

It’s always been inside of us

You know it’s always gonna be the same

The public gullibility complacency is gonna rule the day




Our politicians play their guess

The rich place all their bets

They live and never face regret

The nights and pawns are already set

All this power at their core

And all they want is more

Why can’t they see what’s in store

They stamp their feet and scream out War



Their fighting with the enemy

Just what are they fighting for

There’s too much animosity

it turns into a bloody war

Shock is what we’re gonna see

Complacency is going to be the norm

This democracy needs

A moral intervention

A socialist convention

The war is just to cover up the lies


Chorus for guitar solo

Chorus x1